Student services

Our reputation is founded on our success in knowing our students.

All students are endowed with the ability to learn. Our main task is to enable our students to learn in their unique, individual styles. This we can only achieve if we nurture our students and foster a climate of individualized learning. As teachers we have to be inspiring and provide an invigorating, innovative, yet structured learning environment.

Our ultimate success as mentors and educators is not only measured by grades, but also by the skills we instil in our students. Have we provided them with knowledge and expertise to negotiate their way through life? Are they life-long learners? Do they effect a positive change in society at large?

Our goal is to persist in raising our standards and expectations, and continuously strive to enable our students to achieve their personal best.

We are proud to offer you the following extensive services:

  • Strength and Interest Inventories
  • Career Counseling
  • Mentorships and apprenticeships
  • Development of a comprehensive personal portfolio
  • Occupational therapy support for specialized learning needs
  • Academic and course advising (BC, IEP, IBDP, AP)
  • Support for IB Essays (Extended Essay, TOK essay, World Lit papers)
  • Support for BC Ministry exam preparation
  • Academic motivation and skills coaching
  • Co-curricular program planning
  • Post-secondary program advising
  • Admission and application assistance for post-secondary programs
  • Support for language test preparation (LPI, TOEFL)
  • Post-secondary academic and course advising
  • Support with researching suitable residence options
  • Support for scholarship application preparation (resumes, candidate letters, letters of recommendation)
  • Support for international student applications