Professional Development

Think3R Resources provides access to a variety of excellent resources; from workshop materials to forms and documents that enable you to set up your program as soon as possible.   This downloads site is an ever-growing source of help and solutions that are free to download.

T3R Professional Development Application Form

This form is a very useful resource to have, especially early on in a start-up operation.  Not only does the form provide your staff with a means to express pro-d preferences and provide transparency; it also helps to establish a sound process for pro-d discussions in your school.  A simple filing system will allow you to track your pro-d expenses directly from this form.


Electronic version

Do you wish to host and store the Professional Development Applications online?  Not a problem … use the following electronic form, which has form fields inserted to avoid editing of the form structure (the default password is Teach3r).





Please review the help file if you are uncertain about the process of securing the electronic page.