Academic Resources

Think3R Resources provides access to a variety of excellent resources; from workshop materials to forms and documents that enable you to set up your program as soon as possible.   This downloads site is an ever-growing source of help and solutions that are free to download.

T3R Learning Outcomes Template

A productive way to start off a new academic year is to have teachers work within their departments/grade groupings to determine the relevant learning outcomes for their course/grade.  Experience has taught us that this template (in Microsoft Word format) is an excellent planning resource for achieving sound curricular planning, while also accommodating short and medium term goals implicitly.  The template provides space for course content, assessment for learning (note: not ‘assessment OF learning’), planned resources,  achievement indicators and the curriculum links.  Share the completed document with all relevant colleagues as this template is conducive to an effective scope and sequence of learning across grades.  Remember that this is intended to be a ‘living document’ and should be updated ongoingly throughout the year.